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The Dream Foundation's priorities center around service, mission and legacy.

Dr. King was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee on April 4, 1968. He was in Tennessee to bring attention to and support striking sanitation workers who were seeking a living wage and fair treatment. Dr. King understood that America did not live up to its own ideals, those of our founding fathers, when it came to equal opportunities... and opportunities that did not change based on race , creed or nationality. The priorities set by the Dream Foundation, which our focus centers upon, includes making sure that we continue to combat infant mortality by providing resources to the March of Dimes for their work , to make sure every baby born in Florida gets a healthy start at home by providing resources to the Florida Association of  Healthy Start Coalitions, reach out and serve the African American community directly  by providing resources to help those  afflicted with Sickle Cell Disease via the resources we provide to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Florida.... and to combat homelessness in Florida's largest county (Miami-Dade) by assisting Chapman Partnership on Miami with their mission through resources provided them through Dream Foundation  revenue received from the "Live the Dream" specialty license plate, as the others have received funding also. Also important is our commitment to educating policymakers and business leaders in Florida on the issues that align with Dr. kings legacy, which range from criminal justice reform, voting rights, policies that are well intended but may have an unequal affect on communities of color, support for small and homebased businesses, assuaging opportunities for those reentering society from incarceration, a living wage, a clean and sustainable environment that , encourage smart sustainable agriculture and advancing science so that we are healthier and safer. 

We do these things by engaging our leaders on the local, state and federal level with data driven information that will assist them with improving our lives and seeing to it that the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King is a living one. 

The Dream Foundation, Inc is the first organization in the nation to create what will forever be known as the nations first state sanctioned specialty license plate which bosts the image of Dr. Martin Luther King, the "Live The Dream" plate ... only existing in Florida. The Live The Dream license plate was  signed into law in Florida in 2004 by Governor Jeb Bush. Outside of its immediate mission of using the license plate sales proceeds to reduce infant mortality in our communities, make sure newborns have a healty start, serve those suffering from sickle cell disease and homelessness, the Foundations broader mission is:

                                                                                        OUR MISSION

"To have Dr. Kings legacy be a living legacy... that is more than words, and is core to what policymakers in Florida at every level include as a part of the framework for the decisions they make ... that strengthen families, assure equal opportunities, fix a criminal justice system that has significantly harmed children,  communities of color  and intack families; to also coalese with local leaders, local and state organizations,  our business community, universities and trade schools  as we continue the work set out over 50 years ago to fight toward eliminating poverty and  injustice so that there is a true equality of opportunity in Florida and beyond. "