The purchase of a "Live The  Dream" license plate, the nations first license plate bearing Dr. Kings image, is an investment in children, families and maginalized communities. To become an owner of the "Live The Dream" license plate,  go to your local tax collectors office to make the purchase. A list of offices are  here. Secondly, you can always make an inquiry at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(DHSMV)

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The "Live The Dream" specialty license plate can be purchased at any time. Meaning, one does not have to wait for a renewal date, replacement date or for when your current  registration expires. You can at any time go to a tag office in person or online and request a "Live The Dream" license plate. It would require only $25 in addition to your regular fee. 


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To the left, The Honorable State Representative Bruce Antone, Chair of The Florida Legislative Black Caucus, and to the right, Jimmy Fasig Esq of Fasig and Books PA are being presented the Celebrate The legacy .. Living the Legacy Award on November 6, 2019 by Dream Foundaion CEO Michael Dobson for their lifes  work and promoting the legacy of Dr. King in their service to the state and the work they do in their communities and throughout Florida

Representative Bruce Antone

Jimmy Fasig, Esq

At Celebrate The Legacy Lecture Series, Michael Dobson, speaks as  Coral Nichols listens in

Dream Foundation President and CEO Michael Dobson gives opening remarks at Nov 6 celebrate The Legacy Lecture Series at FSU Turnbull Center

Dana Brooks and Jimmy Fasig, with the Fasig and Brooks PA team at the celebrate The Legacy leacture Series

Coral Nichols of Empowered To Change, Inc  gives closing testimonial at  Celebrate The Legacy Lecture Series 

                               Celebrate The Legacy Lecture Series - FSU Augustus B. Turnbull Center 

Commissioner Curtis Richardson, Dana Brooks of Fasig and Brooks chat at reception

Dream Foundation President and CEO Michael Dobson at reception with Rev Greg James and panelist  Jessica Yeary, Esq 

From left to right, Michael Dobson, Coral Nicoles, Reggie , Jessicya Year

Dream Foundation President and CEO Michael Dobson at Gasden County voting event  Oct 2020

When you purchase a Live The Dream license plate, you make a statement of peace, the equality promised in our founding documents and the thankfulness for the bloodshed spent assuring that we live in the greatest country with equality for all.

2021 and 2022 Florida Conference on Race , Equality, Justice and Opportunity

Kim Corley Johnson, Executive Director of Florida Impact- Florida's leading anti-hunger organization

Dr. Keith Parker FAMU, Esteemed African American Historian, author and  professor Dr. Tameka Hobbs

Group photo including City of Orlando's Diversity and Equity Officer

Dobson, Craig and Associates partner Karinn Dennis, Health Entrapreneur Inez Bracy and Michael Dobson

Hillsborough County State Attorney, Andrew Warren

 University of Florida African American Studies professor, Dr. Rik Stevenson 

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Celebrate The Legacy Lecture Series moderator, Nicole Everett of "Conversations With Nicole"

Tallahassee City Commissioner and former State Representative Curtis Richardson and Leon County Clerk of Court Gwen Marshall 

Support the mission of the Dream Foundation. That means supporting programs and a misson to address the most severe needs of our communities regarding health, education, civil rights, poverty, mental illness, strengthening families and making sure that the legacy of Dr. King is not just remembered but is also an action.   DONATE!  HELP US FIGHT BY INVESTING IN THIS IMPORTANT CAUSE, WHICH IMPACTS YOUR LIFE! 

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