• Assuring the right to vote for every tax paying Floridian, which means expeditiously implementing the voters will in Amendment 4 
  • Making sure the organizations receiving proceeds from the Live The Dream plate receive those funds as statute dictates, and hold them accountable for the services they provide our community
  • Be financially accountable for the proceeds of the Live The Dream plate so that goodwill between donors, our state  and with the community are a hallmark of the foundation
  • Strenthening  the safety net for families; to include small food banks and food pantries
  • Support small and home based businesses
  • Building  strong and intack families
  • Rolling back mass incarceration and address the collateral affects it has on Florida families 
  • Increase the minimum wage for all citizens so that it is a living wage; and secure livable wages via wage increases for state,and local government workers so that they no longer need to work two jobs just to obtain the basics of necessities for their families
  • Make healthcare more obtainable for all citizens,  including dental care and assess to mental health services
  • Re-committing government to public education
  • Criminal Justice Reform to include passage of First Step legislation in Florida, bail reform, expand faithbased prison programs, pathways to employment for returning citizens and a refocus on rehabilitation 

Donations of any size are encouraged beginning at $5 and up (can type in any amount) 


If you are like us, you  know that the work needed to make our nation great continues in our quest to make sure that our nation lives up to its own ideals. You also know that the Dream of Dr. King has not been realized yet. Because the fight and the work continues, we ask for your help. It's where we need it most.