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Thursday- July 27, 2023

 Welcome and Plenanry Session

( Registration starts 6:30 a.m.- noon/7:15- 8:15 a.m.Continental breakfast  (coffee, tea juices and water available throughout day)

Meetings and Breakout sessions


Lunch and awards ceremony with keynote -11:45 a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Dream Foundation Reception

5:30-8:30- Live Entertainment

 Friday- July 28, 2023

7:00 a.m- 8:00 a.m.Continental breakfast ( coffee, tea, juice and water) 

 Meetings and Breakout Sessions  8:00 a.m.-Noon

Saturday - July 29, 2023

8 :00 a.m.-9 :00 a.m. 

*Progress plan/ plenary- Lunch- Disburse at 1:30


Past Panelist included the following..........

Dr. Tameka Hobbs, PhD 

Dr. Dale Brill,PhD 

 Meeting Room A

9:00-9:55- What is race and what is race in America; and what is Woke and what is Diversity Equity and Inlcusion

10:05-11:00- International Human  and its informing of who we are as Americans and locally:

 Mark Schlakman

11:05-noon - Making Florida W hole : a panel of interdisplinary leaders in acdemia, the arts, politics, business and law...cocluding actionable priorities to improve on race , equality, justice and opportunity

 Lunch ( 12:10-1:25)- Awards ceremony and keynote address. 

1:30-2:30 - Florida and Sounthern history.. a talk with Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts and Michael Dobson 

2:35-3:35- Intergeneration concepts of addressing racial healing in America: Panel discussion with intergenerational panelist. Gen z- Baby boomers 

Marie Rattigan 

3:40-4:40- History ( African American history)  its preservation and  preserving historical sites and properties as our visual  guide to heal a nation;  to include the history of  voting  as a cornerstone of democracy 


Meeting Room B

9:00- 10:00- Voting and elections process in Florida including new rules

Ion Sancho

10:00-11:00- African America History, Art and literature: African American History and the relevance of its teaching and its literature 

11:00-noon- A discussion of longterm affects of Adverse childhood Experioences (ACA) and trauma on a life span

Dr. Sally Karioth and Florida A&M University head Coach Willie Simmons  

Lunch (12:10-1:25) - Award ceremony and keynote address 

1:30-2:30- Healing  : A panel discussion on urban Florida's  high murder rate and  the disproportionate impact on many children of color.... how urban cities and families cope, and the of  law enforcement. Tangela Sears 

2:35-3:35- Criminal Justice Reform: The opportunities and challenges, making sure that the system is just, free of bias and placing families and rehabilitation first.

3:40-4:40- Opportunities Florida Small Business Roundtable: an overview of  barriers to entry  and entrepreneurship, and business diversity in the sunshine state for minority and women-owned business. 



*Purchase ticket to register for conference at the link above

Hotel Reservation: Group rate reservations for the event are  now open at $149 per night .  To secure a room call  (850) 392-7700 and ask for Group rate for The Dream Foundation 

           Brandon Wolfe                    Equality Florida                 Media Relations Manager

              Andrew Warren, Esq                                     State Attorney of Hillsborough County 

Jennifer Carroll Former Lt Governor of Florida

Tony Jenkins

Market President for Florida Blue

 Tim Giuliani                                                     President & CEO                                                            Orlando Economic Partnership

Tangela L. Sears, Founder                                Florida Parents of Murdered Children 

 Ad In Program Booklet, Register To Attend, Exhibit Space

Full Page-$625

Half Page- $400

Quarter Page- $275

Business Card Size- $50

Sarah Couture

Florida State Director,

Fines and Fees  Justice Center

Dr. Keith D. Parker, PhD

FAMU Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Chair, 2021 National Civil Rights Conference

                                                                                         Register by clicking HERE 


Deidre A. Keller

Dean of Florida A&M University College of Law

Kayla Tanner

Student Advisory Board, Dilliard University Center For Racial Justice


One adult ticket -$100.00 ( $150.00 after July 4 )

Government rate: $75.00 

Special/back to school: $50.00 admission ( also bring school supplies for Dream Foundation Back To School program) 

Retiree: $30.00

 Student: $25.00

Tickets and Registration

Sponsorship, and Advertisement


Gold- - $2500

Silver- $1500


Table- $500



 July 27, 28-29, 2023

 AC Marriott University and State Capitol, Tallahassee

  State Representative,  Bruce Antone

 Former Chair of Florida Legislative Black Caucus

Dr. Anthony Culyer PhD 

Nikki Fried, Chair of the Floida Democratic Party, former  Florida Commissioner of Agriculture


Exhibit Table/booth-$75

                 Eddy Maritin                                Executive Director  Lift Orlando

2023 Honorees Flor MLK Legacy Award........

2023 Speakers and Panelist included the following..........

Senator Artenia Joyner

Paul Jess , Esq

Steve Uhlfelder, Esq Poshumously

Congressman Al Lawson

Mike Willaims, AFL-CIO President


Fentrice Driskell

 Fla State Representative

Anne Meisenzahl

Chair, Big Bend Re-Entry

Eric Pettus

President/ Founder

Pettus & Dawkins Financial Group

Dr Sharon Dennard

Mark Schlakman, Esq

 Florida State University

 Human Rights

Willie Simmons

Head Football Coach 

Florida A&M University

 Dr. Sally Karioth 

 Florida S ate University

 Ion sancho

 Former,  Supervisor of Election Leon County , Fla

 Dr. Diane Roberts

FSU Literature Professor, Award Winning Author

"Sunshine State"

 Dr. Keith Parker

 Florida A&M University

Chair, National Civil Rights  Conference

Tangela Sears

President/Founder Mothers of Murdered Children

 Shekina Donaldson

President/ Founder , Kinad Inc

 Africa American Mobile Museum 

Marie Rattigan

Social Activist and Gen Z Leader

Merchon Green, Esq

Former City of Orlando DEI Cheif

Matt Isbell

President MCI Maps

Mayor Pro-Tem, Dianne Williams-Cox

City of Tallahassee

Courney Thomas

Dirtector of External Affairs and Special Projects

City of Tallahassee

Danae' Jones Aicher President/ Founder , Culture Value, Inc

Former Reporter, Show Host: WFSU

 Meeting Room A

9:00-9:55- Reentry Barriers and Opportunities

10:05-11:00- Health Equity ( Including Mental Health) : Panel discussion on equality in health care delivery , access and health gaps permeated throughout health systems  and provider networks 

11:05-noon - Measurement and Accountability: Putting Data to work for social justice

 Lunch ( 12:10-1:25)- Awards ceremony and keynote address. 

1:30-2:30 - Education and Entrepreneurship: Establishing a partnership for success; and success of pourpose built Community based development 

2:35-3:35- History ( African American history)  its preservation and  preserving historical sites and properties as our visual  guide to heal a nation;  to include the history of  voting  as a cornerstone of democracy 

3:40-4:25- Life Equity: Homelessness, poverty and access to rescources .. the role of faith , government and service gaps 

Meeting Room B

9:00- 10:00- Intersection of gender identity, ethnicity, sexual preference, culture and race.... failures  and opportunities specific to equality, justice and inclusion 

10:00-11:00- Florida and Tallahassee Citizen Panel:  What should our elected officials pursue on my behalf to improve our lives? 

11:00-noon- Financial Literacy: The difference maker for a life 

Lunch (12:10-1:25) - Award ceremony and keynote address 

1:30-2:30- Restorative Justice : A panel discussion on what is restorative justice and societal benefits working with law enforecement and the judicial system

2:35-3:35- Mental health and communities of color and others.

3:40-4:40- Opportunities Florida Small Business Roundtable: an overview of  barriers to entry  and entrepreneurship, and business diversity in the sunshine state for minority and women-owned business. 

4:45-5:30- HBCU Roundtable: The role of HBCU's at addressing diversity across socioeconomic, racial and ethnic groups in Florida through its educational mission   



The purchase of a "Live The  Dream" license plate, the nations first license plate bearing Dr. Kings image, is an investment in children, families and maginalized communities. To become an owner of the "Live The Dream" license plate,  go to your local tax collectors office to make the purchase. A list of offices are  here. Secondly, you can always make an inquiry at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(DHSMV)

                     July 27, 2023


                             Plenary   Session

         Opening remarks and address from key                                      speaker  and special guest


                             Plenary   Session

         Opening remarks and address from key                                      speaker  and special guest

Chasman  Barnes

Florida Impact, Inc

Criminal and Social Justice Reform 

Jumal Delmar

                     July 28, 2023

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 July 27-28- $25.00

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Jon Harris Maurer

Equality Florida Policy Director

Abdelilah Skhir

 ACLU Florida

Voting Rights Strategist

Eugene Mack,

Post Conviction Expert

Contract Paralegal

Dot Inman- Johnson

Black History Author

Former Tallahassee Mayor